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FSO Consultores supplies consulting services in the tax, parafiscal and social security areas.

Incorporated on 13th May 2005, FSO Consultores has its origin in the wide experience of three partners acquired both in Tax Administration and within the tax department of one of the Big Four, whose motivation was to join efforts in the direction of clients’ satisfaction. Soon FSO Consultores gained recognition with some of the major corporations in Portugal, proving that, being much more than a trademark, a company is the combination of all people working for one project.

FSO Consultores’ core business has allowed the company to become a reference partner. In fact, apart from supplying tax services, FSO Consultores has been investing and focusing on specific areas of taxation and parafiscal matters, which has enabled the company to qualify a distinctive expertise in some of the issues in which it regularly works with, qualification which is duly recognized in the market where it operates.

In this manner, it should be pointed out FSO Consultores’ major technical skills in all areas related with pension and investment funds, as well as in issues concerning social security and the corresponding impact on corporations and for private individuals, and also all tax matters associated with specific industries, such as the financial, insurance and real estate sectors.

FSO Consultores is also recognised for its strong contribution within the taxation of individuals and families, as well as in the expatriation area, namely regarding social security and international taxation matters and the corresponding impact on the sphere of organisations.

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Edíficio Duque de Ávila, Avenida Duque de Ávila, 46 - 1.º B
1050-083 Lisboa
+(351) 213 163 140
Email: fso.consultores@fso.pt


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