18 de Junho de 2015

Tax in Flexible Benefit Plans

FSO Consultores has taken part in a conference organised by AIP (Portuguese Industry Association) and Corbroker within the theme “Flexible Benefit Plans”, where a new solution relating to compensation and benefits was introduced, aiming to optimise the amount of the full compensation to workers, through the adaptation of benefits to each worker´s specific needs, as well as the needs of their family members at the different stages of their life.

This conference was very well attended, which clearly demonstrates that companies are increasingly concerned about finding alternative ways of remunerating workers and consequently, of motivating their work force. In fact, this is an area of particular importance for FSO Consultores, and the reason why its part in this conference was, essentially, to give information about the main tax and social security issues related with these types of solutions, whether from the workers(employers) perspective, or from the companies(employees) standpoint, in order to contribute to a conscientious decision making process that enables the optimisation of the tax burden of all involved.

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